Not All Super Models Bounce Have Bodies That Back 10 Seconds After Giving Birth – THANK GOD!

Remember that time Heidi Klum gave birth backstage at a Victoria’s Secret show and threw on a thong to strut down the runway literally seven seconds later looking more fit than ever? Okay, that didn’t happen. It was something a time difference of six weeks or something. But my memory recalls the previous version because for years, I was positive that women like this only exist to make me feel like a sack of rotten bananas. It’s nothing personal against Heidi – she’s a beautiful woman blessed with the genes of a goddess. And there are plenty of other women just as evil (I’m looking at you, Blake.) But every once in a while, someone in the limelight is brave enough to remind us that no, that kind of post-maternity bounce back is NOT normal. Dancing with the Stars’ Petra Murgatroyd became one of them when she posted what her body looks like eight days after giving birth to her. Spoiler alert: It’s not the body you see on DWTS.

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