Mommabares is the lovechild of Jessica & Kris. (If the chins didn’t give it away, we’re cousins.)

Together, we aim to bring you a fresh perspective on modern day life as moms in different stages.

Jessica is a professional actress, balancing life in and out of the spotlight at her home in Hollywood where she lives with her husband, toddler boy, tween girl,  and another on the way!

Kris lives on the East Coast where she juggles working a full-time office job while raising a teenage girl and tween boy with her husband, and no more on the way.

Our personalities and lifestyles are, like our faces, sometimes identical and other times polar opposite. But just like all moms, we’re in this crazy ride called parenting together while also reminding ourselves we’re more than just moms. We hope our stories and experiences resonate with some of you and that you share yours with us, as well. That’s what this is all about.



From Kris: 

When Jess came to me with the idea of starting a mom blog, my first reaction was to wish her luck. As a working mom with a 40-hour-a-week office job, I’m pretty picky with how I spend my free-time. It takes a lot to drag me away from my latest tv-obsession. (Seriously, can we discuss The Day Of?)

But I’m a creative type who thrives with an outlet. When I realized how much potential there is here for sharing the things that we love along with the things that we’ve learned, I was all-in.

I’ve never been the type to read all of the parenting or self-help books or follow the all the rules. I think parenting, and life in general, are one big adventure. And what good is an adventure if you’re riding on someone else’s train? Making it up as you go along is half the fun. Also chaotic. But mostly fun.

So, while I’m nauseatingly predictable (fine, “basic,” whatever) in a thousand ways (she types while trying to hide the joy that is her very first pumpkin spice latte of the season perched between her laptop and quinoa salad), my perspectives and lifestyle are often unconventional (my kids new the words to Brass Monkey by the Beasties Boys before almost any nursery rhyme… Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure we never got around to learning any nursery rhymes…) But my mind is always open to everything and everyone.

I hope that my words can make some of you laugh along the way. Maybe even sometimes inspire. And I hope that you’ll join in on the fun with Jess and me, sharing your adventure with us. Because while we might all have different backgrounds or different interests, but we all have one thing in common: We’re all trapped in our houses with mini mutants disguised as adorable children who are actively plotting the demise of our youth, energy, memories, and sanity.

If we don’t stick together, we’re all done for.