I’m Kris. A music-loving, road-tripping, book-reading, vinyl-obsessed, yoga-posing, free spirit type. I’m also a full-time writer, full-time wife, and working-mom of a boy in middle-school and a teenage girl in high school.

My life revolves around new adventures with my tribe, road tripping, vinyl hunting, camping, finding new hiking trails, and generally anything outdoorsy. Except bugs. I really, really hate bugs. Which make up, like, 90 percent of the outdoors, so I’ve just accepted the internal struggle. My husband and I recently purchased our very first RV – an adventure I’ll be documenting on here, so stay tuned!

I’m a fairly crunchy, mostly vegan, but not preachy or self-righteous. We’re all on our own paths, this is mine, and sometimes I like an old school slice of pizza. No shame. No guilt.

My son  has struggled with every allergy known to man since birth. From food to environmental and chemical, we’ve been through it all! At 12 years old, the only food allergies he has left are peanuts, tree nuts, and certain fish. But his environmental and chemical allergies are still a challenge — but our years of trial and error has taught us a few things and I can’t wait to help any other parents and kids out there suffering through the same frustrations.

My writing is often tongue-in-cheek and often heavy on sarcasm and dry humor. If you read something that makes you think I must be joking, chances are extraordinarily high that you’re right. I’m joking. Laugh. And get outside.

The days are long, but life is short.


If your curiosity about me is still piqued for whatever reason, you can check out my instagram.

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