Would You Wear The Same Outfit Every Day If It Made You Happier?

I came across an article via the NYTimes called the Secret to Happiness. If you have the time, it’s a good read. But generally speaking, it’s all the same things we’ve heard before: simplify, buy less, live more, lighten up, unplug, drink vegetables, and so it goes. No arguments on any of the above but not exactly groundbreaking. One thing did stick out to me, though, and that was the suggestion that we should all pick a “uniform” of sorts. After all, Steve Jobs wore a black turtleneck and blue jeans every day and he’s a legend. Of course, he was Silicon Valley technerd-supergenius billionaire. So, there’s that. You can get away with a lot of things normal people can’t when you’re even half of those things. Hell, even just one of those things.  Women don’t exactly have the option to pair down their wardrobe, especially in the workplace. Or do we?

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