Dad Convinces Mom He Shaved Kid’s Hair, Pulls Off Best April Fool’s Maybe Ever

Dad Convinces Mom He Shaved Kid’s Hair, Pulls Off Best April Fool’s Maybe Ever

There might not be anything on Earth that is as funny AND equally terrifying as mom rage. If you haven’t seen this wife’s reaction to her husband telling her that their son got a hold of the clippers and buzzed his own hair, you’re seriously missing out.

I once came home to find that my husband buzzed my then-three year old son’s fluffy head of curls off because he “wanted to look like daddy.” We’ve been in a lot of arguments over the years but that was the only time that I actually looked him dead in the face and told him if he ever touched our son’s hair again, I would divorce him and maybe kill him. To this day, I genuinely wonder just how much I was joking because MY BABY’S HAIR!!! So, I totally feel for this woman. And laugh because, in the end, she still gets her boy’s head full of fluffy gorgeous hair to cuddle.

It all begins innocently enough…



But then it gets dark. FAST.




YOU GUYS. She told him she’s going to SHAVE HIS FACE WITH HER CAR.


Seriously, I know the prank is funny and all but I can’t get over this woman’s reaction. She’s the best. Can we give her some sort of  prize? It’s the least she deserves after this level of trauma.


Here’s proof that baby and hubby are alive and well, both with full heads of hair.

You can find the whole exchange on his Facebook page.


Dads will continue pulling dad jokes until the end of time. All we can do is sit back and laugh and pray that they keep their damn hands off our babies’ hair.


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