Hands Up If You Have An Organized ‘Fridge. Now Put Your Hands Down And Stop Lying.

Hands Up If You Have An Organized ‘Fridge. Now Put Your Hands Down And Stop Lying.

Look, I’m fine with admitting it. My refrigerator is chaos no matter what I do. I clean it out before I go food shopping and I desperately try to group like food items together in appropriate places around the refrigerator to create optimal efficiency and space. But by the end of the week, every week, it looks like a crime scene.

Overall, I’m a pretty organized person. I’m definitely not perfect but I love when everything has a place and there is order. I just can’t seem to make my refrigerator once of those places. I’ve consulted both Google and Pinterest and they both tell me to do things like this:

For the family of one rabbit.

For the insane dairy lover who doesn’t have any kids who ever REACH for anything or ever needs to get behind anything.

I’m sorry…. WHAT?? And I know those last two pictures are staged bullshit because what sort of monster puts their avocados and peanut butter in the damn refrigerator?

I guess it’s better than this one that suggests leaving all your raw meats, including the full sized turkey, out and exposed. You know, for efficiency and optimal e coli exposure:


I’m sorry, I just can’t with this crap. It’s so unrealistic and I refuse to let these liars make me feel bad about my refrigerated chaos.

So, I dug a little deeper and I found some fridge layouts that I think might be a little more attainable.


While this definitely don’t solve the issue, i think the clear containers definitely add a level of organization that I’m lacking. And who doesn’t agree that pudding cups are worth of their own fully viewable space?

Here’s another example of how clear containers can make the space organized and help to give each group of food their own easy-t0-reach section of the fridge:

And whoever decided to stand butter up? YOU’RE A GENIUS.

And this kind of sort of feels like it could work but also could be a reaching nightmare.


This fridge is organized, but I think the colored bins definitely keep it from reaching that level of hallelujah that I’m going for.


Needless to say, I’m off to the Container Store this weekend to get some clear bins and to try to tackle this issue. I need some tips, tricks, and advice from any of you refrigerator pros out there!


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  • Oh My God! I love this! I am going to search online for some clear storage options considering The Container Store is not really near me. I will let you know what I find!

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