Hello Mamas!!

As you may have realized, we were on a bit of a hiatus through the summer.  There are very exciting happenings in the works that we cannot wait to share with you all. We are coming up on one year with Mommabares which we are thrilled about for many reasons but it was time to check in and revisit what was working the best and what could use a bit of tweaking.  With the help of my lovely new mentor whose identity will be shared very shortly, we were able to make some amazing adjustments!

Kris and I spent time deciding what it was we wanted to express and share as mothers.  We found that the most common thread through our intentions was how not to lose ourselves during the journey of motherhood.  It is a tightrope walk through life navigating taking care of tiny humans, a partner, a house, a life and still being able to recognize the reflection in the mirror each morning!  It is our goal to offer tips on how to keep the spark alive in your partnerships, in your relationships and arguably most important, in yourself.

So what’s up with the new name?  Champagne and Vinyl is an expression of who we are, not only as mothers but as women.  I am an actress living in Los Angeles.  From me, you can expect the latest workouts, fitness crazes, recipes, wellness trends, restaurants, Hollywood events and well…Champagne–or Kombucha depending on the day.  I will share with you my journey balancing motherhood in Hollywood and everything in between.

Kris is the Vinyl – The offbeat, music-loving, comic-reading, vinyl-collecting super nerd who works full-time as a writer and spends her free time traveling with her two kids and husband in their RV, hiking, making art, going to concerts, and digging through record stores.

Our top priority being keeping everything HONEST, RELATABLE and FUN!  You can expect laughs, trials and tribulations but don’t expect perfection.  We are figuring this shit out as we go and we hope you will join us!

Much love,

Kris and Jess

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