Thoughts This Mother’s Day

Thoughts This Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mommas!

I know it has been a bit since we have connected so I wanted to take a moment to explain our brief hiatus.  Recently, I lost two very dear friends to me.  I loved them like family and it has taken me a while to process their passing.  I have run the gamut of emotion and what I have come away from it all with is as follows.

My friends were very young.  Too young to have been taken from us and as much faith as I have, I will never be able to explain such things.  All I know, for sure, is that something must be gained from each experience however heartbreaking; and maybe the deeper the heartache, the greater the lesson.  What I have learned is that life is not guaranteed.  Not one single day of life.

My friend Alex was a beautifully troubled soul but she was hungry to experience life in its deepest capacity; both her blessing and her curse.  What I will take away from her life and friendship is her freeness of being and her love for literally, anyone and everyone.  A soul that shined a little too brightly for this world to contain.

My friend Nick..

My dear friend Nick, whose passing was so sudden and is still so new, it has barely yet to sink in to my reality,  was a big man with a huge and open heart.  Why do the biggest hearts break first? What I will take from his life and friendship is everything about him.  He was a protecter, a giver, a lover, a laugher, an artist, an explorer, an observer and a genuine friend to all.

I refuse to let my friends leave this earth without living joyfully in their name.  In their honor, we are launching a new challenge next week to live our most joyful and abundant lives and we would love it if you would join us!

I began my journey yesterday.  I have never felt more blessed to be a mother.  It was a simple day and yet, it was extraordinary.  I had wonderful one on one moments with each of my children, we played in the back yard, splashed around in the pool, made cookies and ate healthy and yummy food.  I even managed to squeeze in a little alone time with my husband; )

There was no worry in my mind because, why?  If I have learned anything in these past few months is that this moment is the only moment that we have that is guaranteed and the only thing that we will one day leave behind that means anything, at all, is love and memory.

So, here is to making love, to making life and to making memories!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there who mothers.

We love you!

I also want to leave you with a beautiful poem written by Amber Tamblyn to her daughter.

Y for YES by Amber Tamblyn
For Marlow on Mother’s Day

Yes, my abdomen opened
like an eye and I blinked you
into being, sweet little tear;
My single shed rose,
daughter of the body’s equator,
a spit of hope from my gut’s duct.
Yes, after you dripped loose,
they stapled me closed
with two dozen metal eyelashes
batting into my skin.
My stretch marks reach
from my wound’s tight lids
like a witch’s wrinkles,
like a violet violent ray of purpled sun,
like the wild broken strings of saffron,
the thin arms of lightning sucking on a sky.
How can it be explained?
What a woman sees
when her body’s eye opens just once
then shuts?
Yes. I built you brave and terrified
in the summer of pre-election disaster.
Yes. I carried you in my world
as the outside one
I carried you
my entire life,
never knowing you
had been there all along.
Yes. I broke down in a bathroom
the day being a woman
became a national threat.
You kicked between my ribs,
the devastation beating
between our shared hearts.
Yes. My grandmother’s ghost
held my mother and my mother held me,
just as I held you,
and you hold
your own distant daughters and sons-
our collective flesh connected
like particles darting between stars.
How can it be explained?
What a woman sees
when her body’s eye opens just once
then shuts?
I was blind.
I was a lone good line
without its poem.
I was intelligent
but now I am intelligence.
I was the water
but now I am the rivers.
I was the explosion
the fire.
Yes. I marched with you
in a war of women in Washington
when you were ready to be born,
against doctor’s orders,
against better judgments,
against a system
that wants our lives
not lived.
Yes. I cannot keep you completely safe.
Yes. It breaks me to know that I can’t.
Yes. You will know pains I never wanted you to.
Yes. I will be there for some but not all.
Yes. My truth is your truth is our truth.
Yes. I will never lie to you.
Yes. We are imperfect and our imperfections are wars we will not wage on ourselves.
Yes. I will teach you beauty by a different definition.
Yes. I will expect everything for you and nothing from you.
Yes. I will love you as your own, not my own.
Yes. I will teach kindness to your body.
Yes. I will fail many times. I will be ever humbled in your presence.
Yes. One day you will fail many times. You will be ever humbled in your children’s presence.
Yes. Say ‘no’ often.
Yes. I love you bigger and brighter than a new galaxy’s birth.
Yes. I will teach you humanity and humility.
Yes. I will teach you how to see.
My abdomen opened like an eye.
I blinked you into being, my sweetest tear.
How can it be explained?
What women’s whole bodies can see
when our eyes open just once
then shut?


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