Tips For Taking Kids To See Shawn Mendes Live

Tips For Taking Kids To See Shawn Mendes Live

Thinking about taking your kid to see Shawn Mendes this summer? Here are some things to know beforehand!

•As you probably suspected, his shows are pretty PG. We’ve seen him 4 times now and have never once experienced anything age-inappropriate. The crowd is heavily skewed in the 12-15 year old girl range but expect kids as young as 5/6, tween boys, and lots of tailgating mom’s.

•Tailgating moms. I’m really torn on this one. If by tailgating you mean bringing some fruit and sandwiches and listening to SM in your car with your kid’s friends and their parents before the show, I’m with you. If you mean taking up 4 parking spaces so you can occupy your tweens with cornhole while you and the other moms get a half a load on off of wine coolers, then you lost me. If you’re making it a family event, act accordingly. A beer or two is one thing. Your cooler full of Corona, however, is another.

•Shirts range from $35 for t-shirts to $65 for hoodies. Standard 2017 concert swag prices. •Charlie Puth is the opener. Tween girls really love this guy, bring ear plugs.

•Tween girls love SM even more. Seriously, bring ear plugs.

•Charlie Puth starts at 7:30, runs through until about 8:30ish.

•SM comes on about 9pm, the show ended at 10:30. •Remember that it could take a while to walk back to your vehicle and get out of the lot, so that 10:30 time is arbitrary to what time you will actually get home. If the kids have school the next day or you have work, plan accordingly.

•SM plays 18 songs total, the set list is available online to check out.

•If you live in an area like the mid-Atlantic where you can easily choose between 3 or 4 venues across multiple cities and you see that he has an outdoor concert with lawn seats? Take that one and get lawn seats.

•It’s overall a solid show for tweens and teens who like him.

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